What is your shipping policy?

If the product ordered is in stock, we usually ship within 48-72 hours of ordering depending on current finished stock levels. If the product is not in stock, it may take up to 21-30 days for the completion of your product(s) before shipping can occur. We ship both domestically and internationally. We use USPS flat rate for domestic and USPS First Class Internation for all other deliveries.


How are you products produced?

There is a very secret and propietary nature to the production of all the TreasuryEye Alchemical products. Although we can breifly show the system we use to create the products offered here, we obviously can't go into too many details.

There are several steps involves in the creation of these products and they could be loosely outlined in the following way

1) Destruction; which is the 'death' of the material for the purposes of 'opening' it up so that future stages have access to the various parts of the original material.

2) Extraction; which is the state of pulling the three portions of the material out, the 'salt', 'sulfur' and 'mercury' of the material otherwise known as the 'body', 'consciousness' and 'spirit'.

3) Purification; which is the process of separating the purifying each of the three portions of the material separately. 

4) Unification; which is the final process of bringing together the three principle parts in the process of resurrecting a newly formed union in perfection (without the superfluities)


Can I order wholesale?

At this time we do not offer wholesale for our products, we apologize.


How do I use the products?

Each product has its own process for use. Please review the instructions located with your shipment and/or reach out to us directly for tips and help with regards to using these supplements.


Do you offer classes on Alchemy?

We do not offer any classes on Alchemy at this time, please check back in the future, however, as this may change.