Drukama RadioTM Episode 28 – Introducing Drukama.com

Today Daishi speaks with Tom about our new website, drukama.com. What is the overall purpose of the site? What resources and support will be available to members? How will the site help spiritual aspirants move forward with their path?

Introducing Drukama.com - Drukama Radio™ Episode 28

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Episode 28 Extract

Introducing Drukama.com

“ Many of you have emailed us and asked for more information about Drukama and the launch of the website. In this new podcast interview with Tom, Daishi answers some of your questions and gives more insight into what drukama.com is about. What is the overall purpose of the site? What resources and support will be available to members? How will the site help spiritual aspirants move forward with their path?

We know that we are a bit late with the launch of the website and we apologize for the delay, but we want to get this done right for the practitioners. We are close to launching now as the team is putting together the final pieces, so please bear with us a little longer. Thank you.

In the meantime, please listen to the podcast for an insight into what’s coming.”

~ Daishi Nagiyah

Drukama Radio™ podcast extract – EP28

Full Transcript of This Episode

Tom: Greetings and welcome to another enlightening episode of Drukama radio. My name is Tom and I am delighted to be your co-host. In past episodes you’ve heard mention of the launch of the new website Drukama.com. In our discussion today we’ll explore what we can expect to glean from this exciting new web-based platform. So let’s get into it and greet our venerable host. Daishi, may I ask how are you doing today?

Daishi: You may, and thank you. I’m doing great and I hope you’re doing well as well.

Tom: Thank you very much. Yes I am, I am. So I guess the first place to start would be an overview of what Drukama.com is about.

Daishi: Great question. It’s about providing a way for people who are not close enough to a teacher to get the kinds of instructions they need to receive in order to explore the inner dimension of who they are and how they perceive reality.

Tom: There are people on different stages of the path. In fact there are people who haven’t even started the spiritual path yet and they’re just looking into something and they find something like this who is the website Drukama.com geared towards.

Daishi: That’s even better question actually. The idea is that, you know again the word spiritual is strange because we’re a non-sectarian group we don’t really follow any religious traditions or orders in that regard. We’re actually more of a scientific group if anything.

The idea behind the practices the applications in the method is to understand how we are perceiving reality the way that we function within, the way that we work in terms of our identity, our memory, our intellect, our ego, the way that we feel and sense, the way that we physiologically function to a certain degree and also the way that we experience and relate with the outside macrocosmic world. So in that we want to understand is there a better way or a clearer way that I can perceive so that I can rid myself of what feels like a life of dissatisfaction and suffering and that begins with understanding that we are living in an ignorance toward how our process internally works and once we understand and you know these come to us in stages as we learn. Once we understand that there’s a general ignorance happening in terms of our perception we can then start to figure out okay how can I cure that ignorance and when I say ignorant I don’t mean it in the way that we need to learn something intellectually that’s not really what it is. We just need to be more aware of who we really are in other words who is this person, this thing and how does it function and then lastly can I modify that function, is there a way for me to modify the function and the answer is yes yes yes. We need to know all of those things and what the website provides is a systematic approach to understanding that. So in that there are two stages: there’s a foundational stage which allows us to enhance, amplify and sharpen the instruments that we’re going to use in the second stage or the more advanced stage which is the actual exploration of the subtler realms and so this could be a very long discussion I’m going to make it very short here but I’m going to make the analogy of a house. if you look at your house and stand outside is there really a house there? When you’re looking at that house you’ve seen a conglomeration of things that we call a house. We see windows and drywall framing and Tom you know painting and foundation and plumbing and electrical and chimney and a fireplace and so on all sorts of things that constitutes a house but in reality there is no real thing called a house. It’s just what we call the conglomeration of things. So the question then becomes if I start to remove little things from the house at what point does it stop being a house. So if I pull away the front door is it still a house, what about the windows do I still consider it a house, what about the back frame wall or the foundation itself if I pulled that out or lift the roof off at what point does it stop being a house and so that’s different for every person. But it really shouldn’t be so we’re going to reconcile what stops being in us where we stopped being an identity and we are going to move backwards to understand what are the pieces that make up the me and that’s first and foremost and during that we’re going to sharpen the tools that allow us to investigate how when we break up to me where I actually exist in that and how I can penetrate deeper and deeper into the subtler realms of breaking those pieces up and finding out is there a space where I stop or start or is there a space where the me actually becomes in me or doesn’t become a me and through that investigation we reduce the ignorance we have toward how we function, how we react, how we perceive and so in that back to your original question who is it for: it’s for any person who wants to rid themselves of suffering and dissatisfaction that’s brought about by ignorance and we could say that  also leads to a very deeply profound exploration of subtle realities within us and so from that we can see the advanced practitioner will get great benefit from what we offer. Because we go all the way to the end and the very basic kind of explorative person the person who says you know hey I know that there’s some issues in my life I’m just not sure what to do with them. I don’t understand really how to live. Because it seems that I make the same mistakes or the same bad cycles come after me over and over again and I’m not sure what to do with them. So from the very beginning more advanced spiritualist mystic whatever you want to call that person they’re all welcome and they’ll all find benefit at the site.

Tom: It sounds like a gradual and possibly radical change in perception is the outcome of what we’re doing here. Now we had a lot of questions via email from our listeners and take into consideration what they have asked we should go over what types of practices we will be offering and how they will be presented? Can you talk on that a bit?

Daishi: Sure absolutely. So we kind of addressed several problems at the same time and at the site itself as it opens here this will be explained in expressed in great detail we have a lot of bonus material and content that goes along with the week by week personal coaching so just to give you an example of what this site provides. We obviously have a group that setup worldwide already and so we have regular meetings and discussions and we have lectures together and all of that. That will be made available to the practitioners that come online just like it is now for those that are already working with us. In addition to that there’s a bunch of tips and tricks and kind of bonus material being added weekly. So that helps support the practitioners they go down this practice path and then of course there’s the practice path itself. There’s the actual week or every other week updates to the practice and as we go through that personal coaching and they hear from me every week or two we add to and keep discussing what we’re doing why we’re doing it and how it affects us now and in the long term in an effort to reach a state commonly called Self Realization. The state where we become clear about what we are what our purpose is and how we can function better in the world. So as they go through these steps and stages especially in the foundational process the preliminary stages, they’re going to be setting themselves up for a myriad of ancillary practices that come into play. Some are based in energy because we have to address the energies of the body, some are based in mind and the way that we utilize the mind and the way we utilize perception, some are based in other kinds of practices like sleep practices waking practices and of course the seated practices themselves. We are not talking about basic meditations, we’re talking about starting there and beginning to sharpen our will which is our single pointed focus, our intention which is our ability to utilize that union or single pointed focus we have with the object of contemplation and then we go into vitality which is the energy that resides behind it all so that we can utilize that energy in positive ways. So essentially beyond the ancillary which will allow people to explore at the site themselves, we are going to try to marry two main ideas and one idea is the energy we want to have the ability to access blissful pleasure, a blissful light compassionate unbiased impartiality and on the other hand we want to have a very clear minded view. We want a view that’s very free of the fetters and filters of the egoic identity. So once we couple and marry those two things we find that we can be very compassionate, very caring connected and loving and we also rid ourselves of the defensive nature of the ego while remaining clear and able to connect because our mind is not being iterated by a bombardment of mind stream or thought stream as we call it. That is really in and of itself the realization point as we build up toward what’s called stream entry or realization. We move into this area where we care about the other person. We attain to help or we attain to care for the others because we are satiated and satisfied ourselves. In other words our cravings and longings become fulfilled through our own inner intention and since they’re fulfilled since we’ve taken care of the body mind just like it was a good vehicle that we use every day we wash it and clean it and love it and care for it we also see other vehicles and souls the same way we want to care for them as well. But we no longer crave need and removing that part from us allows us to have a new kind of radical view that goes beyond the binary or dualistic mindset of I’ll give you one if I get one back or I’ll give you two if I get two back and since we move that away we can bestow altruistically without any kind of coercion. We don’t need to fight or struggle to make arrangements or agreements with anyone we can just give love attention compassion and care to somebody and we don’t need to get anything back. There doesn’t necessarily need to be a business arrangement there. We can just freely care because we’re already satiated and that’s really important to understand. So yes there is a bunch of ancillary practices we do a lot of dream work we get involved in a lot of different kinds of what would normally be considered occult practices but not in the terms of I think with the Western societal view of occult is, it’s more of the mystical side. But really the main point to all of it is to become more altruistic in view by fulfilling ourselves within first clearing our mind getting clear minded and also creating great blissful energies within so that we’re satiated and the dissatisfaction and suffering we feel gets eradicated because of the lack of ignorance and then we’re able to care for others in a whole new unbiased impartial way and that’s really what drives this practice and makes it very intense very detailed very systematic and very powerful and something that the world needs right now because there’s a lot of confusion there’s a lot of suffering there’s a lot of dissatisfaction and people really don’t have the answers to how they cure that.

Tom: That’s beautiful Daishi. I love it. You know what maybe we can discuss the format of the website the actual physical format. How’s it going to look, how is it going to work?

Daishi: You’re talking to the wrong guy for that but I’ll do my best because we have a team of super elves that are like you know a technology wizards doing these things I am the worst to address this I have people that could do this but I’ll do the best I can. Essentially as you enter into the site there’s a huge forum area that’s populated by our current members and new members and so that forum area is a place of discussion that area is where everybody can go and talk about anything they want to talk about path related. How the past affecting them what do they do in certain circumstances we have certain key terms like rhythms and karmic seeds and things that we work with in our waking and seated practices and dream practices and then around that is all the bonus material tips and tricks and helping little snippets that get driven in every week or two that support the practitioners process. Because there’s a bunch of questions this is not a simple thing like we’re just going to sit and stare at a wall for the next nine years. This is actually an approach that brings you from one stage to another very clearly as we delve deep into the subtle energies that were currently not perceiving and so those tips and tricks and bonus materials is very essential. Then we also have weekly or bi-weekly satsang sort of like a darshan sort of lectures that we have that everyone’s welcome to join in to – we’re building a VR version of that which I wasn’t even aware it could happen until one of the technology practitioners told me that they’re working on it. You could be there with a virtual headset and sit with us in the talks I think that’s very exciting for people and then we have the main practices themselves. So what somebody most cares about is going in and being able to start at step one and get clear instructions with a bunch of support material and then go until they reach a certain attainment and then start step 2 with very clear instructions and then go on until step three and step four and so on. That’s really the driving force of it is to actually have a personal coach every week to say okay I know you did this and this now let’s alter this and change this a little bit and move more into an advanced practice now more advanced practice and on and on it goes until they start to reach certain milestones. So essentially that’s what the whole site itself offers. Now there’s a lot of us but we’re very close-knit and we do retreats ourselves members are welcome to be part of that if they’d like to, we have a lecture hall so you know we have people that come to those lectures locally that are close to us who members are always welcome to investigate those further but most importantly if a practitioner doesn’t want any part of that simply wants to sit at home and get personal coaching through this very systematized advanced practice process they get it and they get it in a way that is tools and tricks that I promise are very hard to find if not almost impossible to find in our world today and that’s one of the problems one of the reasons why we put this project together in the first place.

Tom: That’s awesome Daishi. So what kind of support is offered to the practitioners.

Daishi: Great question. So like I said earlier the support materials are there, we offer a bunch of added bonus materials that are constantly being added to the website to help support the practice. But I think most importantly is you have a group of established practitioners from all over the world many of which are veteran mystics right. So we have people in that group that have been around for a long time, actually some of them have run their own orders and groups themselves. So these are people who have had decades of spiritual practice in different traditions and different cultures that are now coming and learning this system because of its effectiveness and because they have the eyes to see through that experience that what we’re offering is something unique and different something that’s authentic and very high-powered. So in that they’ve come to me and they’ve learned this system and they’re very good at it. So most importantly is that they have other tutors and teachers within the site that are phenomenally talented and they can lean on and get direct help from so it’s not coming just from me. You can simply just go in and talk to the dozens of others that have already gone through many different degrees of the path who will testify to its effectiveness and testify to its unique power and that’s really important. Because if it’s just one guy saying I have some really great news for you, you know you have got to be objective and say well I don’t know I need some proof. We have a lot of proof there and we have a lot of experience and that is a wonderful resource for anyone to be able to come in and say wow there’s a whole bunch of people here that are different levels that can help me and guide me through this path. That is something that’s hard to find in today’s world and I believe is the strongest part of our system or method beyond the method itself are.

Tom: Are you able to tell us when the site will be launched?

Daishi: We’ve had a date of July. So we’re tardy and I know we’re tardy because we have a lot of emails asking why were tardy. So we’re a little late to the race here but this project has required quite a bit of technology and quite a bit of assets that had to be put together so that it’s right for the practitioners and so we’re at that place now. So the team is putting together the final pieces this week I hope to have the launch date next week, I know there’s a lot of people that have been waiting for that and I’m excited to be honest with you just to allow the new faces that have been wanting to come in to come in because as I said before the family we have is really close. We’re a little different in that everyone really wants each other to succeed and everybody’s a meeting in the same direction. They’re all headed toward the same goals toward the same ends. They all want to succeed in understanding themselves. So when you get a group like that together wonderful things can happen and I’m really happy it makes me very joyful to know that they’re going to be others that are able to now experience that when in the past we’ve had to turn them away because we didn’t have the resources to help them. So now that we can open the doors to the hundreds of people that are just waiting by which I think will grow very quickly I’m really happy that that is an opportunity for people to gain access to the group to the teachings and to the teacher and be able to figure out what life’s about a little bit better you know and that’s what we’re offering. Let us show you a new way of looking at your reality in a way that you might not be seeing right now. Let us show you some techniques for diving into the subtler realms of reality in a way that you might not have access to or you may not have had access to before and it’s exciting and fun but you know at the same time it requires a really dedicated person. Because sharpening those instruments is a process and you’ve got to give yourself some time there. So with all of that said next week’s the target date and I feel like it’s been a wonderful journey to getting it to the opening but now it’s time to really give people a chance to take advantage of what we offer and enjoy it and change their lives and change the lives of the people around them. Because when we change people around us change and get clear get happy get joyful get excited and be more caring about each other which is really fundamentally the most important key.

Tom: That is a beautiful thing Daishi and I agree with you 100% on that. I think that about does it for our show today. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. I’m sure the audience would concur we love you, it was great talking to you and we look forward to speaking with you next time.

Daishi: I appreciate it Tom and you know again thanks for doing this, it helps a lot of people when they can get a little chance to hear just a little bit about this path in this process. Because there are a lot of people out there that have the same kinds of questions. So if we can help just one of them it’s worth all the time and energy in the world. So I appreciate you putting a time out as well, thank you so much

Tom: You are quite welcome. So I’d like to thank everybody for joining us on this episode Drukama.com that’s d r u k a m a.com is the name of the website. Until next time. Blessings.