Drukama RadioTM Episode 33 – Secrets of Kundalini

Today Daishi speaks with Yuvi on the subject of Kundalini energy. What is Kundalini and why would a practitioner want to awaken this energy? Why is it important to awaken this energy under the guidance of an experienced teacher? What does an authentic Kundalini experience look like?

Secrets of Kundalini - Drukama Radio™ Episode 33 - Drukama Teachings™

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Episode 33 Extract

Secrets of Kundalini

“She (Kundalini) is everything, She is everything that moves, She is everything that stirs… and we also show Her in a fierce way, where She is so Mighty and Powerful that if you are not careful and you don’t understand Her, She could destroy just as easily as She creates. In other words, Her movement can be to death or life, it’s completely up to where we have our intention pointed.”

“In most cases when people think they have Kundalini energy, they are really just experiencing heightened senses and becoming more accustomed to the senses within the body; it doesn’t necessarily mean that particular type or flavour of energy is actually awakened and/or moving through the meridians of the subtle body.”

~ Daishi Nagiyah

Drukama Radio™ podcast extract – EP33

Full Transcript of This Episode

Yuvi: Hi everybody. Drukama Radio is back on the air. My name is Yuvi and I will be co-hosting this episode. Thanksgiving is already behind us but we are still very thankful to have Daishi join us today. Daishi, how are you doing?

Daishi: I’m doing well. Thank you for asking. I hope you’re doing well and that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Y: Good to hear. Yes I did. So today we are going to be talking about a very, very exciting topic – Kundalini; more specifically the secrets of Kundalini.

So, as a little preamble, according to Wikipedia, Kundalini in Hinduism refers to a form of primal energy that is located at the base of the spine, and the word itself comes from Sanskrit and means ‘coiled up’ or ‘the coiling one’.

Also, one of the many book recommendations that you have given to your students over the years is the Shiva Samhita, which is a Sanskrit treatise on Hatha Yoga, and in the knowledge section we find this paragraph about Kundalini.

“The great Goddess Kundalini is there, in the form of streak of Lightning. Coiled three and one-half times, she is delicate and resembles a snake. She appears as the creation of the world and is always busy creating. Ineffable, she is the goddess of speech, constantly worshipped by the gods.”

So, lots of interesting points there.

But first, could you say generally, what is Kundalini, and would it be correct to say — in a very basic way — that it is intelligent energy?

D: This subject is so large, we could spend weeks talking about it. So, for us to go over this adequately over 20 minutes will be very challenging. I always want to say that I think we have to be clear from the start with – there isn’t anybody on this planet, I can say with assuredly, that understands Kundalini or this universal life force energy well enough to speak about it with any authority, in my opinion. Because this energy isn’t just a form of energy, although we can say there are many flavours and types, although there’s really only one pervading universal kind of energy, but to say that this particular kind of energy is intelligent is also suggesting that the other energies or flavors of that one and unique and unified energy is not intelligent; or less intelligent, that would also be incorrect.

So we have to tread carefully and be very careful in how we approach and how we try to understand this energy because it’s the energy that drives us, that gives us life, it gives us the exuberance to breathe, it makes our hearts beat, it gives us our perception, our conscious awareness, our cognition – whatever you want to call it – it provides the access to the memory and our identity and our egoic boundary and our intellect and the way that our senses perceive, see, smell, taste, touch, etc.

So then how do we approach this and have a discussion about it with any kind of intelligible understanding? It’s really difficult, but if we decide together that we are going to divide it into flavours and types and kinds, just for the sake of splitting it apart so we can kind of point at it, then you could say that this particular kind of energy is a potentiality. It’s existing now, it’s giving us life, but it’s dimly lit, for lack of a better word – it’s on slightly, it’s flowing in a line that is like a thread and gives us just enough life force to perceive at the base level of receptivity.

Now, with that said, there are ways, there are methods and there are many great Sages, Seers and Saints of the past that have found and developed processes to cause this potentiality to express itself in greater ways.

And because of that we’ve had all kinds of mystical kinds of experiences throughout the ages that have been different, but mostly different and unique to each individual and because of that we end up with massive confusion and misunderstanding about what this is, whether it’s good or bad, whether it should be accessed or not, how to access it and how not to access it. And inevitably is it really profitable, does it really help the Path or not?

With all these questions, I’ve laid them out in front of you, and you pick where you want to start and we’ll go from there.

Y: Alright. Well first of all you said that it’s present in all human beings but it’s dim, and there’s a lot of talk about Kundalini awakening, what is that process like, why should anyone even be interested in Kundalini awakening?

D: That’s a great starting point and a great question. Why should we care or be interested and is it worthwhile to pursue this? And that really goes back to where the origination of where this energy or force was discovered and so let’s go back tens of thousands of years or to go with the current majority’s understanding of history, let’s say a few thousand years. At some point some very brilliant wise Sage sat down and went within deep enough to figure out that at some point in their body was this potential energy, and as they investigated and began to play with and understand this energy they realized that it could be amplified or that in some way it could be stirred up or it could be caused to come alive in a more powerful way, and as this particular Sage continued to play with this energy, he realized that this energy took on different forms and different flavours as it descended from its pit down at the bowl of the body and it represented itself in various ways along this ladder of spiritual pursuit – up, up, up to the top of the head and beyond, and then potentially back down even.

So we had someone who said ‘Okay, I understand that there’s this potential and that the potential results in that it’s done things with my perception, it’s caused me to see things a little bit more clearly as its gone through its stages” and what-have-you – so this person has been able to understand this energy pretty well and the more they get to know this energy, the more they realize that they don’t know it and how big and explosive and universal it actually is and therefore this energy became more of a Mother Goddess sort of such an awesome figure that we said She is everywhere, She is everything, She’s everything that moves, She’s everything that stirs, and we also show Her in a fierce way, where She’s so Mighty and Powerful that if you’re not careful and you don’t understand Her, that She could destroy as well just as easily as She creates – in other words, Her movement can be to death or life, it’s completely up to where we have our intention pointed.

If we take that as the basis of our knowledge it would seem that a practitioner – you have two kinds of practitioners, a sensible one and a pirate – the sensible one says I probably should seek qualified counsel before I try to expose and then antagonize this energy lest She takes my life or takes me apart in pieces.

Then the other one says I’m so thirsty that I’m just going to do whatever has to be done and get Her to move. The problem is that to actually stir this energy at the bowl at the bottom of the body certain practices have to be done in certain ways, and there has to be certain conditions set up. That is very, very rare in truth. It doesn’t happen often, actually.

There’s a whole system of Eastern Yoga dedicated to Kundalini, the Kundalini Tantra kind of Path. It’s to get Her to move and cry out to Her and have Her begin to stir within you. But most of those practitioners rarely feel actual kundalini over many decades of practice, it’s a rare thing to be touched by that Spirit, is a very holy and rare thing. So usually what happens is that the practitioner, the Seeker, this person who is needing answers to their bigger questions of their life usually seeks guidance to potentiate, to get this energy moving and going correctly and understand it well enough so that they can not only use it effectively but also safely.

Someone on their own, just to wrap these cautionary words up into this final passage, somebody who is interested in this should always and most definitely seek counsel or seek someone who has a thorough understanding of this energy and has experienced it themselves. Usually that person can help you generate that energy within yourself pretty easily over time, and get it going in the right way, and with the right carefulness.

Okay, with that disclaimer aside, this energy happens to be an energy that will influence and affect everyone on the spiritual Path; in other words, anyone that has the intention to evolve, anyone on every kind of Path, whether it’s a Path of prayer, or a Path of physical work, or a Path of mental contemplation, or a Path of energy, whatever kind of Path you’re on, this energy is going to be stirred up in you at some point – it has to be. You cannot go through the process of realizing an authentic radiant-like Mind and a heart-felt joyfulness, those things won’t stir together without having this kind of flavour of energy stirring and moving as well.

The only difference is that in one system, they went right after Her – sort of like a good scientist they said, “Well at the end of the day she is responsible for a lot of this, let’s go get her” and another kind of practitioner just happens to be graced by Her without really knowing or without understanding Her completely and She simply happens to touch them and give them some of this movement, this evolutionary [energy] – and there really isn’t rhyme or reason – you could ask this person, “how did you get this conscious growth and this spurring of this newfound aspiration toward this evolutionary process?” And they’ll tell you “I’m not sure, somehow there is something stirring within me. It’s operating within me, and I had nothing to do with antagonizing it nor do I understand it nor did I seek it, it is just happening.”

So it’s just two ways of looking at that Kundalini or universal life force evolutionary energy kind of process. It’s either whether you’re doing it deliberately or whether you’re doing it not deliberately, and I’ll stop there.

Y: Thank you. Yeah, a few years ago I attended a Kundalini yoga class and in one of the first sessions there was a guy there who claimed that he had awakened his Kundalini crashing his BMX bike. And I remember thinking, “Well that doesn’t sound right, that’s not how it’s done” but you know, here we are and as you’re saying it can happen without that much conscious involvement in the process – it can happen like that. By accidents sort of?

D: Well I don’t know the qualifications of the person, but if they were going along the Path at some point they’re going to realize that it wasn’t the physical bike accident that caused the stirring of the energy. If it’s in fact true that authentic Kundalini touched this particular person at some point they would realize that it wasn’t the physical impact or anything that happened to them physically that causes this, it was more of a pushing over the cliff – so this accident may have caused them to reach some pinnacle and they were just that feather close to the cliff anyway this pushed them over the side and then they started to recognize and feel this energy moving within them.

That could be the case. So let’s me just predicate that by saying that in most cases when people think that they have Kundalini energy they are really just having heightened senses within the body and they’re becoming more accustomed to the senses within the body, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that that particular type or flavor of energy is actually awakened and/or moving through the meridians of the subtle body.

There are a couple of things we can consider. But that said, if there were a way that you could just tap on your body in a certain way and that would cause an activation, the Sages of the past would have figured that out and handed that down to us and we would have all done it and gone by now. So obviously it’s not a physical thing, where you say, well if you stand in a certain position for long enough it will always come. That’s obviously not the case.

There has to be a certain set of circumstances and conditions that will then, in terms of intention, everything comes back to intention – when we have the right intensity of intention, coupled with the right Will or the right single-pointed focus on that intention aspiration, and that’s held long enough to overcome the rhythms of the body then that invites or sets the right conditions within for the response from that energy to correct heal and evolve us. It has to be within our condition, it has to be within our will.

It’s not a physical thing, although you can say that there are physical practices if utilized correctly that can generate a stirring of energies within the body; for sure. In other words, I can achieve intensity of intention and will through physical activity, I cannot achieve intensity of intention and will just from physical activity, in other words if I stand in one position and read the paper every single day that is not necessarily going to mean that Kundalini is going to flow through me. But if I sit in a particular position every single day with the correct will and intention, that probably means that at some point, hopefully with the blessing of the Teacher and the Spirit, that you will be hit by it, hopefully sooner rather than later.

So that’s the misconception – with most people, and that’s two-fold: (1) whether or not they actually have authentic kundalini or universal energy running, a lot of people mistake that for just becoming more sensitive to the normal energies that are already running and cycles in rhythms within them, the winds and the airs, etc. or (2) what caused it, how it was caused and understanding it correctly – that’s the second problem I think, whether or not it’s accurate or whether it’s actually happening and whether or not whether you understand it and realize it and how you made it come to be, and how you work with it as well.

Y: Yeah. That was kind of what I was getting at, there’s a lot of misconception about it. But how can people tell, what does it feel like, and what can you expect when it is really kundalini and not just the heightened sense of the energies in the body?

D: This is a great question because it’s actually giving the proof of what are the differentials between the two. And I had someone tell me once during a get-together one of the attendants of the get-together was dancing and was sort of in this ecstasy dance, and someone mentioned, “Is that Kundalini? Is that universal energy right there? Is that what it is?” and I said, “I cannot say that it’s not that because She is everything, She is all of that, so there’s no way to say that really isn’t Kundalini energy, but for the sake of the actual process and method of understanding this kind of energy we can say that in that instance the ecstasy and joy coming through that body is due to Her but not in the way we would like.

That ecstasy and joy is there, but if we’re going to work a Path that is about this universal energy, that’s beautiful, wonderful and lovely, run with that and allow that to cultivate manifest and be in it with the right intention; but in truth, there’s a specific kind of process that we want to do within that allows us to get to that energy in an authentic and realistic way so that it is helpful and productive. Because that one dance, that night of ecstasy and dance, doesn’t necessarily equate with wholesale changes long-term. That could just be one night of experience, and we have enough experience.

We’ve experienced enough things already, we don’t need to just have experiences. So far if we just have intention to have experiences we’re not yet on the Path of evolution. What we want to get, what we want to attain is the intention to change, to become more of what we are now, to overcome the iterations of the mind, and the reactionary emotions, to become someone who is clearer and brighter and more helpful to the world around us. These kinds of changes in the beginning are what we begin to set our intention. More so than just more pleasure. Because I see pleasure and pain being the same thing and the same problem, I don’t need any more of those two things, I have plenty thank you – but really how can I change so that I can see those two things more clearly and work with them more clearly? That’s a totally different intention.

So, yes, Kundalini energy is running through that person if they dance and sing and they go into esctasy, of course, there isn’t a place She isn’t. But for the Path specifically for the methods and processes there’s a way we want Her to move, there are times we want her to Stir, there are places we want her to go, in an order and a specific fashion, so that we can actually achieve these wholesale changes, and not just one and two or three weeks of fun and then go back to the same old same old.

Y: Thank you. I guess a lot of people have experience with Kundalini through Kundalini Yoga. Can you say a few words about that? Is that something that will help you if you’re interested in pursuing this Path to awaken this energy?

D: I have several practitioners that I teach, that have come from Kundalini Yogas as it’s called. I think that term is a mishmash of terms, I don’t know if there’s ever really been any Kundalini Yoga segments of eastern practice personally. It may exist, I may be wrong, but I don’t think that’s the case, I think this universal life force energy is within every practice in every part of the world and always has been.

Another problem with this is that Yoga, typically what people mean to say is ‘Asana’ which is a part of Yoga, a system of doing this process. Yoga itself has many parts to it. If you’re able to do one of the parts, ‘Asana’ and maintain the other parts of it, the other conditions of it, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi etc. within that asana and you are able to do those things together, then you are achieving Yoga – “union” then.

You are actually putting all things together, and that would be beautiful, blissful and perfect. But usually the asana part is really a stage in development, it doesn’t really go away, but it’s something that has to be done in order to prepare a foundation. The body has to be made pliable and the energy currents have to be opened and fluid – to make the Path easier – to remove obstacles. And remember everything in the Path is efficiency, skillful means, right? We want to take away all the obstacles so that we can get there quicker. Or as fast as possible. We don’t want to have these corrections and these difficulties and they do come that’s what the Path is, difficulties and corrections and changes in alterations to our being. We want that to last for a long time for no good reason. We want it to be as short as possible.

If we can get the body in decent health – and I do not mean I’m a great distance runner or I’m a great lifter or I’m a kick-boxer, I mean real health with the energies of the body – and keep the body’s energies in health, then it removes another obstacle because the body’s energies influences the nervous system and the nervous system influences the brain and the thought-stream influences how we can contemplate and meditate the depth of our presence and so on and so forth. It’s an interconnected chain, so the body side of that is vital.

We want the body to be somewhat healthy in terms of energy current and if it’s not healthy, someone asked me recently, can it still be done? Of course. But it’s like anything else. If you’re going to learn how to be a good runner, to use the example I used earlier, you could tie a weight to your leg and run and someone might run next to you and say, “hey, if you take that weight off your leg, you’re going to get there much faster” but you could also say to them, “but I’m still going to get there” yes you will but it’s just going to be a little bit more difficult, but if you’re okay with that, you’re going to make it too. Because it really just comes down to the intention and will. And all of these inner energies work with organically toward the same goal.

So again, this is a very complex subject we are talking about because it involves the core ideas and concepts of the Path. These concepts and ideas are missed most of the time in a spiritual pursuit. So when we say kundalini yoga, kundalini tantra, hatha yoga or Tibetan Buddhism or Daoism, at the end of the day, if we’re looking to create a diamond like radiant awareness and overcome the pain/pleasure threshold that seems to control us, we have to go to the fundamental core parts of the practice and that is will and intention.

We have to have the right Intention along with the right Will so we can maintain ourselves through rhythm. Specifically speaking what will happen with Kundalini, She will awaken and rise regardless. But if you do not have the right Teacher to guide you through all of this maze, it could become a long and arduous process filled with suffering and strife, and lead to countless deaths and rebirths again and again until we figure it out or someone comes and helps us figure it out.

Y: Gotcha. My next question is something you just touched upon which is the role of a Teacher, a Guru, in this process. How does the Teacher help you – could you say a few words on that?

D: The importance of having someone who has already done this process cannot be overstated, because they are going to save you from yourself. The problem is within you; it’s too hard to navigate around if you’re surrounded by yourself, by your ego and your instruments and your aggregates and you have all these senses and the pulls of rhythms and pains and pleasures and the reactions of the habit energies and so on and so forth, and you are stuck in the middle of all of this of your body-mind vehicle that is operating much more powerfully and in much more control of you than you are of it.

If that’s the case and you do not have somebody who has already been through it and understands the process, it’s like sitting out on the middle of the ocean on a piece of wood trying to find land somewhere. If you haven’t navigated it before you’re not going to be fall backwards into it by mistake.

If it were that it was so easy that you could fall backwards into it there would be millions of very radiantly clear human beings that were selfless, loving and compassionate and so on. They’d just be everywhere. But we know that’s isn’t the case unfortunately.

So, it’s vital that you find somebody, somebody that has done this and understands it and can start to point you in the direction of the right way, so that we can avoid the obstacles and then also understand the direction and goal coupled with the fact that the Teacher knows where you are. The Teacher, the guide, the friend, whatever the ego wants to call this person, we’ll call this person whatever will be acceptable to the ego for the sake of healing.

This person can understand you better than you understand yourself. Simply because they are on a different conscious level. They simply just know and can see your energies rising up way before you can. Prior to your reactionary speech or action, prior to your reactionary emotion, prior to the thought-form itself, prior to the desire and at the point source of energy, the Teacher can see that space and know it ahead of time. Before you have a chance to even look back at it and see it coming – so it’s really important that you’re near and close to that kind of a person. In some ways so that they can tell you: “Listen … adjust here, adjust there, watch this, watch that” and you as a practitioner or a seeker are not going to understand most of the things that the Teacher is telling you to do. Simply because you’ve never been there before, and you do not have the conscious purview to really get it yet, so what you find constantly in groups are new seekers that come in, they throw a revolt against any authority because that’s just the nature of how we began.

We don’t trust anyone. We don’t trust anything. And that’s okay. In fact, that should be that way. Because the whole point of us in starting the Path is saying,

“Hey you know what? I’ve been ripped off my whole life, even my mom and dad have ripped me off, they didn’t tell me the right things, they didn’t raise the right way, they didn’t prepare me for this world correctly, all of my friends didn’t prepare me for this world correctly, the government didn’t prepare me for the world correctly, my school didn’t prepare me for the world correctly, they just taught me some regurgitated information that they got that didn’t work for them. So in some way they actually screwed me over.” 

Now I’m being facetious obviously, no one meant to do that in most cases, but nevertheless this is true. So, when you go to a Teacher, when you start, you go to a Teacher and your eyes and head is tilted and you say, “Do something, show me.” 

What happens is that over time, if that Teacher is Authentic, there is this sort of calling that happens. And you can’t help no matter how hard your mind tries to create conflict, judgements and analysis you can’t help but be drawn toward this person because somewhere in the seeds of your soulness there is a knowing. And although the person might seem out of their minds and they might be in left field, in right field, and you can’t get where they are coming from at any given moment, you realize in your heart, “I don’t get them, because I don’t get me. But they get me.” And that knowing is there. After a time you’ll see that beginner grow and suddenly become an Adept, and that Adept becomes conscious enough to realize that Teacher cares for me more than I care for me and I see that clearly now. That’s become a fact and not any kind of phase. And from there you continue to move forward simply on the fact of what’s been proven to you over time, never mind all the wild and crazy things the Teacher does in terms of things you can’t imagine. You see things and you hear things and you go, “how does the Teacher do that?” Forget all about that woo nonsense, just the fact that they love and care for you so much and you realize that you don’t love and care for yourself, let alone anybody else like that. That’s a person that you aspire to be like.

Spirituality means that I’m wise and loving and compassionate. And that’s the Teacher and I’ve seen in the Teacher and I want to be whatever that Teacher is, and I want to do whatever that Teacher is doing. So those two stages have to come to the Seeker, and at first it’s difficult and so on like Christ says in the New Testament, “They know me by my voice”.

In other words, for some reason, that’s haunting me. Everything points to “no” in my ego-mind, because my ego-mind of course wants nothing to do with him after all, it’s going to find every excuse in the world to do everything but the Path, it’s going to want to do TV and Cheetos and bear and pizza and sports games – everything but that. But still there’s a longing and that longing once it’s heard, it’s done. You are not going to be able to get away. Because you’ll always going to be driven back to it. Just like a child to its Mother – it just knows. And that’s the kind of Teacher you are looking for, and if you are blessed to have that in your life, cleave to her or him and let them help you lead you and let them bring you to the place like they are. That’s the way that they love you is the way that you love others. And you love yourself.

So back to Kundalini, so what does Kundalini have to do with all of that? Kundalini is driving within the student. The Teacher can make this energy hot or cold, electric or magnetic – can make it anything he wants it to be, it’s sort of now becomes one with it and now begins to play with it, and the Teacher now understands it and is filled with it. We can even say that it becomes the Teacher, or that the Teacher becomes it, or that they unify in some kind of way. And the soulness in you also feels that – and that can be felt almost physically in some cases with a seeker, where they say, “I don’t know but when I get around the Teacher something is sparking in me” and of course the Teacher can at some point turn that spark up a little bit, and actually start to see it germinate within you, a kind of sensitivity to energy that starts to beat around and help you drive that energy in the right way.

Which doesn’t mean good way, it just means right way – there’s a difference. The good way is that you feel joyful and pleasant. That’s not always the right way. The right way is to move where corrections occur – where you face things within that the energy is leading you to so that you can learn how to understand it better and work with it better and ultimately become free. And so Kundalini or this universal life force energy, this serpent like energy that flutters and awakens and hisses and moves you and shakes you in the core of your being is the Teacher.

It is teaching us just like it’s in your physical Teacher fully and it wants to lure us up and out of our current conditions of suffering, pain and delusion. And so whether we go after this energy and we stay on it deliberately after this universal life force energy or we are just doing another Path this energy is active and working within you as soon as you turn your intention toward the evolutionary process. Does that make sense?

Y: Yeah, that makes sense. Just to finish off, something you said about Kundalini as the Great Mother, and kundalini as being everything; that seems like an awful big thing to touch on, but briefly what do you mean – She is everything?

D: Yeah, that’s too big. So let’s cut things up. And it’s okay to cut things up because we need to understand them in a more simplistic way. We need to be able to relate with them. So instead of saying She is all movement, that’s too big, then let’s try to make one thing become two things. And then we can even divide more if we need to. But let’s just say we have one thing and split it in half; so now we have movement and we have stillness. We have the observer and the observed. So we have the thing that’s looking, and of course in order to have a thing that’s looking you need that thing that’s looking to be looking at something. And that something in order for it to be different than the looker has to move, has to variate, has to become different. In some way it has to wave. So she is the waving motion, She is the one that stirs and creates some type of differential so that we can notice or pay attention to or wake up to Her movement.

When I say she’s everything, ultimately that movement is in everything and that stillness is in everything, and within that stillness is movement, and within movement is stillness as well. Okay now I know that didn’t help anybody do anything but get a brain cramp, but it’s still a fact. That within the stillness is movement and within the movement is stillness. However at some point there is a recognition of each other; there’s a recognition that I’m aware of something else, or I think it’s something else. I know it’s different than me because it’s taking a different form. And it isn’t through unification that we figure out that that thing that’s taking a different form is actually me — that until that unification happens, we can’t be freed from the suffering of the division that it causes. In other words, as long as it’s outside and moving and I’m dissimilar to it, I find differences in it and me, we’re at odds.

Now, those odds can be pleasant but they can also be very painful, too. So as long as we’re at odds with that outside movement and we believe that we’re just the stillness and we’re at odds with that, there’s always going to be strife. The whole idea behind any spiritual movement is to unify those two places – the perceiver and the perceived; and they come together somewhere in the middle, in the space between them. In the seeming space between them is there unification. So, without tying more knots into people’s brains with this mumbo-jumbo, I’m going to stop here, and just say that in that movement becomes a myriad of different kinds of combinations of movement and stillness; and we call that earth matter, water matter, fire matter, air matter, space matter. Like, the elements. They’re just different versions of movement-stillness within each other. Space is like mostly stillness, and earth is mostly the movement energy, right? It’s mostly the denser energy. And they both look at each other and stare at each other from a distance and in between them is the variations of their combinations. All of this, you know, this is philosophical nonsense, I don’t like it because it’s not practical, but sometimes it creates an itch within the contemplative mind, and you know it’s an interesting idea and concept and it helps me gravitate more toward the Path, and if it serves that purpose then it’s awesome, it’s my hope that it does that.

But in any case, none of this should be accepted at face value or because it sounds pretty. It should be investigated because it’s awesome. It should be investigated because life is incredible. Once we understand it even a little bit – and the problem is we don’t understand it as a human race at all – and that needs to change.

Y: Yeah, that is awesome. And to me at least super interesting, and I guess there are a lot of people out there that are very interested in this – evolving, changing, coming more and so on. So let’s do it! Alright, I think that’s enough for today. Thank you so much for finding the time to do this today, Daishi.

D: You’re very welcome, thanks for doing the show with me, I appreciate it. If anyone wants to find out more, go to drukama.com, d-r-u-k-a-m-a dot com. We’ll be happy to teach you from the absolute beginner, to the more advanced adept practitioner. We have instructions step-by-step on anything you can think about in terms of spirituality or the spiritual process. At the end of the day however, if you’re not interested in learning any of this through us, our teachers, our tutors, or temple, feel free to go somewhere, please, I’m begging, so that you can learn more about yourself and find more comfort in life, more joy in life, and find more purpose for sure. Thanks again, I appreciate it Yuvi.

Yuvi: Alright, thank you. If you have any questions or comments about the show, please email us at radio@drukama.com. Thanks for listening. Blessings to you all, and see you next time.