What is Drukama™

“Life and death are of supreme importance. Time swiftly passes by and opportunity is lost. Each of us should strive to awaken. Awaken! Take heed, do not squander your life.” ~ Dogen Zenji.

There are many paths up of the mountain of realization. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu or Sikh, there is and always has been one authentic path for evolving human consciousness.

For example, one might take the path of Zen Buddhism whose goal is to dissolve the ego by sometimes just simply watching the mind’s play without engaging in it. Every time a thought comes up, one would simply watch it live and die. An emotion, it just comes and goes.

Ultimately over some time, one would progressively clean themselves of all traces of self, sitting through and untangling the transient identity from the essential nature. This is a marvelous and easy practice once you get accustomed to it but, reaching realization can take decades even lifetimes.

Or there’s Kundalini Tantra for example, an approach where pure energies of the body are utilized for the purposes of eradicating the connection to egoic self.

Both of these paths lead to the same revelation, a purified and refined state of conscious awareness outside of the binary everyday mind.

But our path is a bit different. Our Teachings at Drukama™ are what’s considered the Lightning path, a fast and radical path that leads one to the state of realization and Beyond, in the most efficient way possible.

What would take some paths decades and lifetimes, we are accomplishing in months and years.

But this should never be accepted merely by faith.

We can see for ourselves by the add ups within our own group who are close to winning stream and have already made profound changes in their perception of themselves and the world very quickly with minimal efforts.

Of course this path isn’t for everyone. It’s fast and it’s radical and it requires a hero’s mindset. In it we utilize three primary keys to help gain clarity into the mystical teachings – Intention, Will and Vitality.

This process is something that anyone can accomplish however, regardless of age, race, gender or crude. The universal principles applied here take a practitioner step by step, week by week, through the basics all the way through the more advanced techniques of the mystical path.

All of this is done from the comfort and privacy of your own home through concise video and audio lessons we explore the detailed practical methods through which one can sharpen awareness. This helps pierce the veil of the physical world so that we can explore the subtle realms of reality with pristine clarity and nullifies the effects of suffering created by the entanglements to the dualistic mind.

When we no longer perceive from the filters of the egoic self, we can begin to understand our place in the universe – our purpose – explore the subtler realms of reality and awaken to an entirely new perception. This path is waiting for you.

The question is and always has been: Are you finally ready to take the first step?

Welcome to Drukama.

~ Daishi Nagiyah

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