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Alchemy is the process by which nature is hastened to its exalted and perfected state, imbibed with 'Philosophic' energy by the Alchemist and used by the spiritual practitioner for the sake of greatly rejuvenating and amplifying their physical and meta-physical attributes.

As these qualities are purified, the enhancement of perception provides the practitioner a deeper experience of conscious clarity until, along with great practical application, the Realization of the Higher Mind occurs and crystallizes within.

In the same way various instruments and implements can be influenced for use on the path, helping the practitioner gain additional strength, balance and direction through the infusion of transmitted pranic energy.


Alchemy is the Expedient Means of Exalting Nature

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Natural Organic Materials

The materials used during the creation of our products are natural and organic. Once the labor intensive Alchemical procedure has been completed, the end product typically contains nothing more than the starting materials which have been separated (the body, the spirit and the soul), individually purified and greatly reduced in molecular size before being recombined together again to form one perfected and unified structure.

It's not until the unified material is finally imbibed with a 'Philosophical' process that it can enhance and purify beyond the physiological body and into its subtle, or sub atomic, form. In this way the various spagyric materials work to purify and enhance different attributes in the physical and meta-physical bodies in such a way that the user will, over time, actually sense the changes in perception, clarity and energetic sensitivity.

In terms of our clothing and other meditation implements, we use natural metals like silver, bronze and iron, for other items natural woods, clay's and stone. We like to work with nature to ensure our products provide a 'living' energy.


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"The English language doesn't have the appropriate way to express to you how genuinely appreciative and grateful I am toward your products! ... I have been diagnosed with major depression since I was a young girl and the incredible Solarum and a little Oil of Gold has made an enormous impact on my over all well-being!
I have been prescribed far too many medicines for depression and nothing has ever worked for me, only made me things worse... what you've created has given me what nearly 20 years of pharmaceuticals could never do ...  a chance to honestly live again... I'm coming alive and have eternal gratitude."

— Amanda M. (New York, US)

Ancient Wisdom
Modern Technology
Enlightened Awareness

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An Environment That's Energized

Some think Alchemy is simply an old form of modern Chemistry, but this comes from a lack of understanding of the actual purpose behind the Alchemical process. This misrepresentation has been promoted through the ages to this very day. It's only until recently that experts in the field of chemistry are starting to look at Alchemy with a different intention and more serious interest, just as the ancient physicians and philosopher's centuries ago were known to be highly interested in Alchemy (like Robert Boyle, 'Paracelsus', Isaac Newton, Ramon Llull, Albertus Magnus, Nagarjuna, Muhammad Zakariya al-Razi, Basil Valentine, and dozens more) 

Knowledge of chemistry, biology and physics are important in the fundamental process of Alchemy, but in order to create authentic and true Alchemical spagyrics an 'Illumined Philosopher' must be at the helm of the production. Without the right kind of attainment by the Alchemist, the final product is nothing more than a mixture of various broken and restructured molecular bonds, some of which can be vary healthy physiologically, but will have no impact on the spiritual energies (the prana); the main difference between Living Alchemy and modern chemistry. 

The Alchemists responsible for creating these formula's have developed extremely high levels of Philosophic Attainments which have been directly felt by a number of spiritual practitioners who can attest to the palpable energetic influences demonstrated time and time again.