About Drukama

The volunteers and community members at the Drukama Treasury are dedicated to supporting each practitioner’s attainment on the spiritual path. We gather here from around the world to study and practice a living mystical system that reveals the state of self-realization, step by step, ultimately breaking cycles of suffering and opening the way for authentic connection and creation with clear vision and compassionate wisdom.

The foundational text, Reflections Within the Mirror of Radiance, is available to everyone, regardless of personal practice history or affiliation with the school or mission. Through the foundation stage, we make tremendous positive changes in our personal lives, and those changes are naturally reflected in our relationships and in the world around us.

Once a foundation is established, the practitioner is able to make use of applications found in the advanced texts to address final corrections that seal the state of self-realization and reveal the authentic mystical path of creation.

Our members help bring the teachings in these practical manuals to life in an interactive online learning environment with ongoing lectures, question sessions, and chat and forum discussions about the various concepts and applications.

If you feel drawn to explore this system of practice, please feel welcome to sign up to receive a complimentary copy of the introductory teachings and practices. We look forward to meeting you, and if you feel this school may be a good fit for your own spiritual path, you can inquire about membership.

Thanks to ongoing contributions from our dedicated members, Drukama is able to provide sponsorship opportunities for committed seekers who might not otherwise be able to access the living teachings. As the mission grows, the community looks forward to offering a meeting area, retreat space, and living center, and to begin a variety of local and global humanitarian outreach programs.

The Practice Community

Is this practice community right for me?

Those wishing to safely and correctly apply the method to reveal the self-realized state and the complete mystical path should consider joining the site to connect with experienced practitioners and teachers within the group for advice and instruction.

Many of our members are moving as quickly as possible through the practices, but we also host some who are equally dedicated but pursue a less aggressive path, immersing regularly in the overall theory and spirit of the method while practicing at their own pace.

Beginners and advanced practitioners alike can find success with this system; a spiritual resumé (years on the path, scholarly knowledge, belief systems, prior empowerments, visions, subtle energy sensitivity, etc.) is not necessary and does not indicate readiness or proficiency with the prerequisites.

A seeker with the qualifications of a potential stream-winner will find answers within this practice community, developing a comfortable approach toward the practices, and will quickly start to feel at home.

Anyone lacking the necessary qualifications or feeling unsure about the system is certainly welcome to apply, but there should be some understanding up front about the types of members and discussions the group is here to support.

This practice group is good-natured and often interacts casually in our chat and forum, but this is first a working mystical school that should not be mistaken as a venue for social networking or personal counseling; most of our discussions point practitioners back to the application of the teachings in real life. It is also helpful to note that the website is offered for those working with this specific method and not as a platform for promotion of other teachings, teachers, or systems.

Our member base is generally curious and inclusive, and already includes many busy “householders” who are intensely devoted to their spiritual practice alongside other responsibilities with work or family.

The method taught here is direct, radical, and advanced, and we recognize that it is extremely rare to find practitioners possessing the qualifications and unhindered motivation to undertake it. We maintain the membership environment for the advancement of these motivated practitioners, providing instruction and online discussion space for those actively applying the method, and our activities and policies reflect this overall intention.

Elaborated instruction is provided for those who...

  • fear the cycle of death and rebirth and want out of the cycle at all costs
  • seek realization from the bottom of their hearts, at all costs
  • have tireless faith
  • carry their teacher above their crown in great esteem and respect, because they clearly realize the value provided and great sacrifice being made on their behalf
  • abandon worldly activities for the sake of attainment
  • are desperate for profound truths

The level of instruction offered in this school is not suitable for those who...

  • lack faith in the ancient process of realization
  • hold wrong views about the process and are stuck in these views
  • lack confidence in the system and the explanations provided
  • are easily distracted and not able to maintain the purpose of the group
  • are spiritually immature
  • are attracted to lower-vehicle practices and are not capable of graduating from them

We are here to support committed practitioners who have earnestly and diligently prepared themselves, but this community also has a great love for beginners and can be quite patient with those in the early stages of awakening to the truths of the mystical path.

Some who have not yet awakened to these truths might pass through to “test” the method and the community, but without genuine interest in revealing the deeper practical mysteries, they ultimately waste the time and attention of our members and teachers. Those who are ill-prepared, unfocused, or stuck in belief struggle to integrate into the school and unconsciously (unknowingly) distract from the purpose of the site; such fruitless interaction disparages this deeply beautiful and radiant path to those who earnestly seek to know it and learn how to use it.

Those who are truly ready, determined, and capable of accepting instruction and maintaining the right attitude already embody the required traits. Over time and through life experience, these qualities are organically adopted, and they may only need refinement and deepening upon arrival in the school. These aspirants experience immediate recognition of the truth, and they accept the principles of the method with ease. They do not need to be taught or convinced of the importance of the traits, and they do not need the qualifications to be explained.

With this understanding, all earnest seekers are encouraged to apply for membership to see for yourself what the community and teachings are about. Read selections from the text, attend lectures, begin practices, and get to know the group.

We truly hope that you are one of the rare individuals who will find a natural spiritual home here and thrive within this dedicated family. But if you find the school is not for you at this time, the doors will also be open to you later, whenever circumstances change. Even some of our veteran members have taken time away and come back after many years; this is often part of the process.

The spiritual path is the birthright of every human, and all will come to know it in their own way at just the right time.