About Drukama

The Treasury hosts a community of dedicated practitioners wishing to reveal the self-realized state and unlock the complete mystical path of creation. Seekers from all backgrounds come here to connect with experienced members and teachers within the group for advice and instruction.

Active members come together to bring the teachings to life for each other within an engaging online learning environment, connecting through video and audio lectures, question sessions, and forum discussions. Some practitioners absorb concepts and applications quickly, while others pursue a less aggressive path, instead immersing in the overall theory and spirit of the method while practicing at their own pace.

Thanks to ongoing contributions from these dedicated members and other friends of the school, Drukama is also able to provide sponsorship opportunities for committed seekers who might not otherwise be able to access the living teachings. As the mission grows, the community looks forward to offering a meeting area, retreat space, and living center, and to begin a variety of local and global humanitarian outreach programs.