Drukama RadioTM Episode 26 – Brainwaves and Subtle Energies

This week Daishi speaks with Vanni on the subject of brainwaves and subtle energies. What is the relationship between brainwave frequencies and meditative states? How can we consciously use these deeper states to access subtle energies within us?

Brainwaves and Subtle Energies - Drukama Radio™ Episode 26 - Drukama Teachings™

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Drukama Radio Spiritual Teachings PodcastDrukama Radio Spiritual Teachings PodcastDrukama Radio Spiritual Teachings PodcastDrukama Radio Spiritual Teachings Podcast

Episode 26 Extract

Brainwaves and Subtle Energies

“…It really is the depth of the meditative process. Like I explain it, there is a pearl inside of somebody’s hand and the clenched hand is the mind. And the higher the oscillation of the brainwave, the more the clenching of that pearl, or that ‘cognitive awareness’. It’s like the ‘husk’ is trapping down and cleaving down on that pearl of cognition.
As we release the tension of the hand, the brain thought-stream, that pearl gets a chance to perceive and explore subtler and subtler realms of reality, or a deeper sense of the reality around us.
So the 𝐦𝐚𝐢𝐧 reason for meditation is to allow that clenched fist of the ‘mind thought-stream’ to relax, while cognitive awareness remains aware and doesn’t go into unconsciousness with the brain’s relaxation, so that it can begin to explore a greater boundary of perceptions around it.”

~ Daishi Nagiyah

Drukama™ podcast extract – EP26

Full Transcript of This Episode

Vanni: Hello, welcome to Drukama Radio. My name is Vanni and I will be your cohost for today’s show. Our topic today is “Brainwaves and Subtle Energies”. To help us explore this topic more deeply, I will be inviting Daishi to the show today. Welcome Daishi, how are you doing today?

Daishi: I am doing great, thanks so much. I look forward to this conversation with you. Lets take off.

Vanni: So, I understand that brainwave levels are intimately connected to different meditative states. Can you tell us more about those?

Daishi: Yeah, it is a big subject because it really is the depth of the meditative process. Like I explained, you know, there is a pearl inside of somebody’s hand, and the clenched hand is the mind. And the more, the higher the oscillation of the brainwave, the more the clenching of that pearl, or that cognitive awareness, is being done. It is sort of like – the husk is trapping down and cleaving down on that pearl of cognition. And as we release the tension of the hand or the brain thought-stream, that pearl gets a chance to perceive and to explore subtler and subtler realms of reality, for lack of a better word, or a deeper sense of the reality around us.

And so the idea, for meditation, beyond many other reasons, the main reason for meditation is to allow that clenched fist of the mind thought-stream to relax while cognitive awareness remains aware, and does not go into unconsciousness with the brain’s relaxation, so that it can begin to explore a greater boundary of perceptions around it.

Vanni: So, for me, when I am in a certain depth of meditation, when I relax into a certain depth, it seems that the mind goes quiet. Almost like I am stepping into a quiet room. What would cause that?

Daishi: It is exactly right, the idea is that we really want to transfer that over into our waking state, right. We want the mind to be as relaxed as possible. And there are many reasons, and many opportunities for us to do all kinds of amazing things when the mind is relaxed and that lower brainwave activity happens. As long as we are conscious under those conditions – but as you relax the mind, and the oscillation of the brainwave comes with it, we find that the blah blah kind of mind, that talkative kind of egoic mind, calms down, relaxes, because it actually believes that the nervous system is sending signals that it is going to sleep and it is time to go into a new stage of oscillation.

So as we relax in meditation, it calms itself down, relaxes more and more, and the oscillation gets lower and lower, and it starts to lessen the chatter. And it lessens the degree to which it is instinctively in fight or flight, its aggressiveness, in terms of its judgement and conceptualization and discriminations, and its abstractions; all of those things that are happening in that commentary section of the mind, when it is in that beta or alpha state – searching around and needing to be external and in the world, and being affective and being productive as we call it.

All of that relaxes and relaxes more and more as we go deeper into these states, and it feels wonderful because it is sort of like relaxing muscles. So, if muscles are under tension all the time, the minute you get into a sauna or a hot tub you are like – ahh, it is so beautiful – because you can relax down deep into that. So, on one hand that relaxation causes the mental stimuli, that thought-stream or mindstream, to calm down and relax and relax, lower and lower, creating a more peaceful quiet environment for us to experience.

Vanni: Ok. So, when I was preparing for this podcast I was doing some reading and I found some information that would seem that children naturally spend more time in lower brainwaves like theta and alpha. Is it possible then that someone who has a dedicated meditative practice could maybe maintain a lower brainwave in waking states?

Daishi: Exactly what we are looking for. And one of the main benefits of meditation is a transference – and that is where we take that lower brainwave and we establish that in our waking state. And this is actually the great question, because there is some confusion around this.

Transferring that lower brainwave state that you see in a child, now – people might say “Children are hyperactive and they are running everywhere” – and this is true, physiologically, the chemicals and the adrenals and the child are active, they are filled with growth hormone and all sorts of adrenal activity, and they are running and jumping and climbing up curtains and all of that; but the way their minds work are much calmer than an adult’s. They are not as tense and they do not have as much anxiety, and as much judgement and calculation and abstraction in terms of the neurotic mind, that the beta brainwave gives adults. So children are more imaginative and explorative, and they can sit around and sort of phase in and out things, and find interest in very common items and common surroundings and – that sort of indicative of the alpha state that gets lower where you are sort of enamored with the present moment more, then you are a hyper adult who is at work who needs to attack and move to one state to another.

Now, it is not to say there is not benefit in the beta state, it absolutely is important for our survival. It is just that common human beings have kind of lived in that state, and so what the meditative process does is it brings us down to a lower brainwave state, and then transfers that over to our waking daily life so that we can be in a more perceptive present state of being. Now, there are many benefits to lowering brainwave activity beyond just transference, in other words, beyond just experiencing a calmer reality in our waking daily life. And as I said earlier, there is a practice and process to make that transference.

So, at first, when we sit down, we want to learn how to bring the brainwave down and establish it, adjust to it and then continue to drive it down through a particular method. Once we have established a certain set, a certain area or bandwidth of brainwave activity that has been conquered by the preliminary exercises or preliminary practices, we then go into what is called “transference” – we draw that over into the waking state. And then over time that suddenly becomes our day to day, moment by moment experience. And we get rid of the unnecessary neurotic beta brainwave that we find most people in.

But also, when we meditate, going down and deeper into those lower brainwave states, open up for us different chemical reactions in the body and different subtle energy perceptions that are incredibly important to the mystical path. And when I say mystical I do not mean woo-woo mystical, I mean allowing us to be more practical by eradicating the habit energies or the karmas, the engraved karmas, that drive us to unconscious action, thought and emotion.

And that is the heart and soul of everything here, it is to eradicate the habitualness of the selfing machine. So that we can become completely clear and perceptive about what is happening now, and not use the filters of the auto-response, unconscious, egoic aggregates. And once we learn how to maintain that process, the whole world opens up in terms of how we see reality, the way that we react to reality, and the way that we play in the reality itself. It eradicates suffering. It lowers our need for attachments to things outside of us, it allows us to be more satiated in the moment and present state of being. And it gives us a heightened sense of comfort, compassion, blissfulness, naturally – because when we do not use those filters, when we are outside of those selfing filters, and that is true of the lower brainwave activity, we find that we do not necessarily see the same fears and the same losses that we feel normally.

In other words – most people would say that “I need this or I need that condition” in order to have pleasure or happiness or blissfulness or joy, and all of my states internally are conditioned or attached to some outside influence, something outside has to make me happy, I cannot just be happy. Some event has to drive me to joy, I cannot just be joyful. Some person or thing has to bring me to bliss, I cannot be at bliss by myself or just in a natural state. I do not have control over my vehicle to that degree. As we lose the selfing filters and we drive ourselves down systematically in that brainwave state and transfer that over, we find that all of those delusions in that ignorance of needing and the outside, the attachment to the outside things, fall away. And we suddenly live in a state of much more freedom and control, rather than being controlled by all of the outside influences and really being in more of a slave environment, as we find the common person.

Vanni: On this other side of the conversation then, speaking of the subtle energies that we start to feel when we are in these deepened states. Are there any indicators to know what brainwave you may be in?

Daishi: There are. There are definitely indicators that allow us to understand where we are going with brainwaves. And this is part of a whole systematic approach to understanding the technologies of the body. And again, this is not new information, this is just the same information that has always been at the heart of any mystical path, but – it is really to know how this vehicle works, and when I say vehicle I mean the brain-body. And we have more control over this brain-body than most human beings believe. We can do certain actions, we can take certain actions mentally and physiologically that can induce certain states like brainwave reduction and so on.

As a simple example: if I breathe a certain way, there is a certain breathing technique that I can use, that actually dupes or tricks my brain-body vehicle into believing that I am immediately going into a deeply relaxed state of sleep. And therefore the nervous system and the brain follows suit, and it simply says “Ok, we are shutting down”. And through this trick, for lack of a better word, I cause the nervous system to signal to the brain to relax deeply and generate, and bring us down into lower brainwave states, that show us indicators in terms of how we sense and feel the subtle energies of the body, the kinds of visual experiences we will have typically when we get to very low deep brainwave states.

And there are certain little tips and tricks that happen along the way as we teach them, in order to understand, you know – Ok, I am going in the right direction because I have seen this visual or I have felt this energetic response or this vibratory response, etc, as the subtle energies and the subtle perception of reality become more prevalent to us.

But all of this is really dependent on a structured system of attack, right. So, when I say that I mean a practical way of approaching this. There has to be certain beginning stage practices that sharpening the tools will need, and then there is middling stage practices that put those tools into use so that we get used to the process itself, and then there is final stage practices or preliminaries that get us down into those stages and allow us to adapt and adjust and continually decrease those states. It sounds complex, it is not, it is very simple. It is actually very organic, actually. And when we finally get through the practice side of this, and understand it, we can see that – you know what, I am just learning to do something that is really natural and organic. And I just have not done it before, so I had to learn it.

It is sort of like riding a bike, you know, at first there is all kind of rules and conditions and there is instructions, you got to hold the handles, put your feet on the pedals the right way, there is balancing, there is all this stuff going on so that we can learn how to coordinate the body and where we want to go with our intention. And then later when we see that once it is all flowing, the bike is really just a fun thing, we jump on and we take off, we do wheelies, we hop over the curve, you know, so it becomes totally natural.

Meditation is the same thing. Once we learn and build the proper foundation, then getting down to these states is just a matter of moments. We just simply are used to it, we relax, we understand how to release the physical body, utilize the breath, how to watch for the signals and indicators, how to mitigate breath or energetic changes within the body. And we go, you know, sort of down that stepladder right into the states we want to achieve. And then we explore the subtler realms there and that is where we really learn about ourselves at the very core of that subtle energy where things are happening that really go unnoticed to the outward facing senses and the high beta, high alpha personality or egoic identity that wants to constantly go into the world at full force. This goes into the body with real relaxed force, and it goes, you know, the other direction entirely.

Vanni: When we are in this deepened state then, and we begin to feel these subtle energies, how does this help us on the spiritual path?

Daishi: That is the ultimate question. So, great question, because what we are trying to accomplish is to activate, actually, a dormant energy within every human being. And that kind of dormant energy, on one hand we can say it is dormant, on the other hand we can say that it is flowing, it is just weakened or it is not at its full capacity or potential. But in every human being is a strong life-force energy waiting to explode and expand. And that energy is there to create and harmonize and clean and purify the channels that run through the vehicle itself. And why that is important? It is because we have energetic, mental, emotional, and we have physiological restrictions or constrictions as they are called in the ancient traditions. And there restrictions and constrictions cause the flow of this life-force energy to not carry through us succinctly. It sort of sputters around and it sort of half dimmed, it is not really strong as it needs to be in order to cause the illumination of this light or this energy to draw us into a very diamond like radiant perception.

So eventually what we are trying to do here though the preliminary practices is to activate or get access to and then activate, or create a scenario where this energy can then start to stir and move and clean and purify and illuminate us from within. And that is the Holy Grail of the practice, it is really to get ourselves down to this subtle energy, get close to it and understand it, and activate it, move it through our body so that it illuminates and purifies us. And this is what helps us remove the attachments and entanglements to egoic selfing, the dendrite-axon synaptic process of the brain, that habit loop, that reactionary emotional and mental loops that we get into. It scrubs us clean, not of the personality, because we want the personality, it works in our world and we want to utilize the character or the ego, it is ok. But it removes the attachments and the ignorance that we have dialed in and entangled to.

And so inevitably as we go down deeper into these brainwave states, we learn through special systematic practical processes and practices how to activate this energy so that it runs through us purifying and activating this energy for our wellbeing and our mystical or spiritual evolution. And that is the ultimate process there, and once we get access to that, there is a myriad of things we can do with it, and a myriad of things that happens to our perception, the way that we can experience different realms of reality, perceptions of the reality we are in, and the ones that are hidden and subtle behind it.

And that is where Drukama actually drives us to, it moves us through that process as fast as possible but in the most productive way imaginable. And that is what the world needs to get access to, and that information has been concealed and hidden for a long time because of the degraded way society has been for centuries and centuries. But is time now that we take control and get access to this energy for the sake of evolving humanity, and it is one of the reasons why our group is pushing it so hard in a very systematic detailed explanatory way that you can do week by week and be taught in a structured system.

Vanni: And so we have a website where we will have these teachings presented in this orderly fashion. Could you have anything else to say about that?

Daishi: The website is basically built as a week by week personal trainer. You basically go from one week to another, or once every two weeks you are getting taught how to modify and practice systematically through this process. So you get that direct help, including a bunch of bonus materials tips, where we give out all kinds of information. We talk about the elements and Shakti, Kundalini, or what is called Tummo or Chandali, that fire within, how to activate it, how to get access to it, how to build your foundational practices step by step, and it sort of just walks you through that process.

So if you are really serious about finally getting access to that information and getting authentic practical and real life approaches to this, we do that very systematically there at that website. And there is a bunch of support and backup there for it too. And there have been many people at that website who have experienced that life-force energy, and what is interesting to know is that many people who have experienced that energy and are using that energy to help clean and purify this attachment to this selfing nature have done it very quickly over months and years rather than what we are told should happen which should be lifetimes or at least decades.

So it is happening quickly for the majority of students or practitioners there. And so what we want to do is to make it available to an audience wider than our group, and so that is what this site does, it provides it to everybody out there who potentially wants to get real serious about the path and have somebody coach them week by week through a series of video animations that will literally walk you from one step through to the next step. And if you follow along with that, you are sure to get access to and activate this energy, and your entire life can change from I, the way you perceive yourself and the world around you. So we have prepared and we have provided that to anyone interested, and so it is D-R-U-K-A-M-A.com for anyone who wants to find out more information.

Vanni: Oh, thank you so much for joining us today Daishi. It has been an absolute pleasure to talk to you about this.

Daishi: Thank you for having me and I appreciate you being on, and I hope that we have another one of these real soon together.

Vanni: Absolutely I would love that. Alright, if you have any questions or comments about today’s show please email us at radio@drukama.com, we would love to hear from you. And thank you so much for joining us, and until next time.