Community Policies

Drukama Treasury users agree to the current Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our terms include these Community Policies set forth below in plain language regarding responsibilities and expected conduct in private and shared discussion spaces.

For reference, discussion areas offered on our website may include but are not limited to:

  • Group discussion, open
    • Chat: channels for real-time group messaging
    • Forum: individual discussion topics with related replies
  • Group discussion, limited use
    • Lecture Chat: for real-time messaging during live lectures
  • Private discussion
    • Direct Message: within the Chat system, for one-on-one support
    • Direct Video: within the Chat system, for one-on-one support

Purpose and Use: General

Drukama Treasury discussion areas are provided for members who are committed to putting the teachings we offer into practice; peer interactions help foster supportive connections between members and can bring about deeper understanding of the system and its applications. We are happy to maintain these virtual spaces for dialogue and fellowship, and to welcome you into our online family.

When choosing to participate:

  • prioritize discussions that are relevant to Drukama Treasury teachings and practices
  • keep conversations on track for the given discussion area
  • practice clear and concise communication for the benefit of those who are reading
  • help contribute to a supportive, encouraging, and friendly atmosphere in the community

Exchanging perspectives about the practices and path can open valuable and unexpected insights. Members should draw from personal direct experience while encouraging others to gain their own experience.

Qualified teachers and lecturers may step in to answer questions, offer perspective, correct misunderstandings, clarify practice instructions, and more. Personal support via private (one-on-one) discussion may be available at the discretion of an individual teacher or lecturer.

Activity and Announcements

The foundational text is intended to be used side-by-side with the website, and there is a steady stream of current practice-related discussion in the chat and forum. Set aside time to follow discussions in your areas of interest so that you can begin to contribute and ask your own questions whenever you feel ready.

To avoid missing special announcements and important personal messages, (a) turn on notifications in both the forum and chat systems, and (b) visit your site profile notification settings to ensure you are subscribed to email updates. For assistance with settings, inquire at the help-desk chat channel or contact the team.

Purpose and Use: Private Discussion Areas

The Drukama Treasury may provide optional private direct messaging and video messaging services, available through the Chat area of the website, for:

  • peer interaction and fellowship
  • one-on-one practice support from teachers and lecturers
  • administrative and technical support

Discretion is advised whenever conversing privately on the site; spiritual practices and teachings could be misconstrued and misrepresented by well-meaning individuals. Teachers, lecturers, and administrators are available to offer assistance if confusion or frustration arises with other members or with the teachings—we are here to help clear things up.

If someone is using a private messaging feature on our site in an inappropriate way or is violating our terms, or if you have been unsuccessful in resolving an issue on your own, report the relevant posts and contact us directly to describe the situation.

Community Conduct and Intervention

We encourage new members to attend live lectures and interact with the group in the chat and forum. Those who are prepared and genuinely want to connect and learn can find quick and seamless integration within this dedicated practice community.

In any large group, discussion moderation is necessary even among members who mean well. In any case where our community discussion areas are being misused, administrators and/or fellow members with experience will naturally step in to offer support and kindly remind the community of our policies.

Newcomers and trusted veterans alike receive reminders to refocus and check intentions as needed; such reminders may appear when someone fails to uphold community standards, drifts off topic in a discussion, gets caught up in a heated exchange, and so forth.

Unproductive engagements sometimes arise involving differences of opinion, speculation, hearsay, comparative analysis, moral arguments, judgements of certain individuals or systems, etc. If members are not quickly moving on, such discussions will be actively broken up and the discussion areas refocused. When in doubt, consider disengaging or agreeing to disagree.

We find that individuals who are not prepared to practice and make a reciprocal commitment to this group unconsciously waste the community’s time; those who carry on using the site in unproductive ways will not find this place accommodating.

We do not indulge the use of our resources for distracting, disruptive, divisive, negative, destructive, or otherwise questionable or harmful interactions or behavior. Our discussion areas are not personal platforms like Facebook or Twitter, and input that overtly or covertly detracts from our purpose, such as debating beliefs, one-upping, promoting/disparaging other systems or individuals, ranting, attention-seeking, baiting, trolling, spamming, and so forth, is unwelcome. Further, our resources may not be used for soliciting, recruiting, or otherwise drawing members away from the site for any purpose.

Amusing or inspiring content and relevant links or resources may be posted in the course of discussion. All images, files, links, etc. are subject to review and may be removed at our discretion without warning or explanation.

To get the attention of an administrator directly for any reason, the following options are available to you:

  • ‘Flag’ any forum post
  • ‘Report’ any chat post
  • Contact us; include screenshots and urls

Administrators will intervene on a case-by-case basis. Members wishing to remain in good standing will find it helpful to cooperate and respond promptly to inquiries as we work to gain clarity about situations, investigate intentions, and decide how to proceed. At our sole discretion, we take actions including but not limited to editing or removing content entries, issuing warnings, or following through with enforcement of our Terms of Use and related agreements.

We will gladly retain members who are focused on this unique path and the associated applications and whose interactions are consistently supportive and relevant to the practice environment. Anyone found using our website to demonstrate intentions not in keeping with the purpose of the site is subject to immediate and permanent removal at our discretion without warning or notice.

Our team of administrators works together for the benefit of the group and the mission, and great care is taken in each situation to determine a course of action. Members wishing to discuss or debate policy-related matters are asked to refrain from doing so in the group discussion areas. We are happy to address your questions, feedback, and disputed matters privately, where each instance can be attended to properly and thoroughly, and (if needed) escalated accordingly.

Additional Information

Community policies are revised as needed; please review this page regularly.

Review the Terms of Use for more information regarding chat, forum, and general use of the Drukama website.

Review the Privacy Policy for more information regarding your personal information and privacy.

For further assistance you are welcome to reach out to us via Direct Message or by using the Contact Us feature in the footer of the website.

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