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Welcome to our blog. You’re about to start a process that will change your life in ways you probably can’t imagine. Like hundreds before you, this detailed step-by-step path helps you delve into the most mysterious and powerful subject in the universe – YOU.

First it’s very important to understand that this entire group is run by its members. Although you may hear my voice a lot, and it’s true that I was responsible for re-introducing most of the main body of knowledge you’re about to learn, it’s the Adept Tutors and Teachers that are responsible for carrying it forward, modifying it to adapt new styles of explanation that help future generations understand it and utilize it more efficiently. In that way, this group continues to evolve through its member-practitioners, evolving and becoming more effective over time. As practitioners become proficient, they help mold and shape the way in which this group investigates the Teachings so that we continue to enhance its effectiveness with more precision.

Please keep in mind, this Path is not new and it’s not proprietary, although some of the techniques and explanations you may not find anywhere else in our world today. The core process is based on an ancient method that we believe is the only true and accurate process for both eliminating ignorance and increasing impartial compassion and joy.

Our Path does this by using an ancient process of waking and seated meditative and contemplative practices enhanced with more modern methods for the eradication of the suffering and confusion each of us feels in our daily lives.

Welcome - Drukama Teachings™ - Seated meditation practice

Although there are many meditative styles, explanations, approaches and terminology, it’s through our direct experience that originally there was only one process of accomplishing the authentic and radical consciousness shift that is the Path of Liberation.

So what are we Liberating from then? Liberation here simply means liberation from ignorance. Ignorance is the way in which we perceive the world through the filters of the 5 senses and the mental aggregates which are wholly indoctrinated into us by family and societal influences as early as the womb.

These influences are so subtly hidden within our system of perception, that we’re almost entirely blind to them. They make up our biases, conditioned mental thought-stream, our emotional reactions, the egoic identity, our memories, our future projections and basically the way in which we see ourselves.

All of these influences create a sort of illusory identity and because it’s impossible to recognize that identity when were so deeply embroiled in it, an outside process and guidance is critically important when trying to free oneself from it.

It’s this very illusory identity that causes our frustrations, our delusions, our confusion ultimately leading to a repeated cycle of suffering and dissatisfaction. It isn’t until one is greatly freed from this entanglement that we can really begin what we think of as the Mystical Path.

So with that said, on the authentic mystical Path we first start with a foundation phase, a period where we not only sharpen our tools of perception, but make a distance from the ego and its illusory identity so we can see it for what it is. Now that’s not to say that we’re on a mission to subdue or destroy this egoic identity as many have misunderstood today, but rather simply learn to understand it fully and from that position utilize it in a much more efficient way, becoming freed from the attachments that bind us to its limited biased filters of perception.

Once the practitioner has established a firm foundation and enhanced their tools of perception called Will, Intention and Vitality, we can then begin to journey into the realm of the subtle and explore what has been hidden from the vast majority of humanity for eons.

Lastly, this is not a religious group in any way. It’s much more of a scientific methodology. We don’t utilize any religion’s philosophies, dogmas and belief systems at all. We only use a direct approach to understanding the mind and the energies of the body that influence it, on the most gross and subtle levels of reality as it pertains to each person’s direct experience. No one in this group will ever tell another to work from blind belief. Sometimes faith in a process is important. As you see so many others gaining success, for example, that might be a good indicator that the process is healthy and productive. But in terms of blind trust, that will never be required. You will move from episode to episode and see for yourself great changes, so you’ll know on your own the Truth of the process and therefore won’t be forced to simply trust or have belief in anyone’s testimony.

What you’re about to experience is the most intense and effective step by step practical approach to waking and seated meditation that leads directly to Self-Realization. What is to be realized? The fact that you might not be who you think you are. Although this might sound a bit frightening at first, what I mean to tell you is that the belief that you’re a pretty average, simple and unexceptional person is the furthest thing from the truth. What you really are beyond that is unfathomable, and the entire purpose of this Path is to reveal that infinite truth to you one step at a time.

Drukama™, and its more advanced process Nagama, will reveal what has until now been a very deeply concealed authentic process in a way that any practitioner, regardless of previous experience, can grasp and apply in the most efficient way possible. We’ve taken out the guesswork and given you the direct daily applications along with week by week guidance and dozens of experienced Teachers and Tutors, minus all the confusing and highly misunderstood esoteric language.

The method works to achieve several small milestones along the way toward the ultimate milestone of Self-Realization and beyond, a state where the attachment to the transient self-identity is released and the end of suffering and confusion is realized. This ‘spiritual state’ is one of ultimately quiet minded awareness in combination with a blissful and compassionate perception pointing one to the ultimate purpose of their life.

An ultimately calm and peaceful mind and a highly charged intense blissful energy leads to great contentment, joy, clarity, wisdom and impartiality; a state that’s sometimes referred to as ‘Christ Consciousness’, ‘Realization’, ‘Stream Entry’, ‘Enlightenment’ or ‘Higher Mind’.

It’s not just the personal and private bi-weekly coaching and direct Teaching you get as you walk through this Path step-by-step, but it’s also the access to the dozens of experienced Teachers and Tutors on the Drukama Teachings Center™ website at your disposal who are at various stages of the Path themselves. In addition, we provide a massive amount of regularly updated bonus articles, audios, videos, virtual reality group meetings that help explain and reveal secret tips and tricks during regular group discussions, which provides important help aiding you as you travel down this Path at your own pace. The website was setup up this way to avoid all of the potential pitfalls one can experience trying to accomplish this path on their own.

In exchange for unfettered access to all of this content, we simply ask that you help us continue our mission by donating each month to our Ministry and the Teachings Center, as every ongoing serious student in our group does. This donation is totally tax deductible and goes to ensure we can continue our mission of helping continue to expand this non-sectarian approach to people around the world lacking access to authentic self-realization practice.

As you know, in today’s ‘spiritual marketplace’ you can spend thousands of dollars just to experience a weekend retreat or attend a live lecture that typically leaves a lot to be desired when it’s all said and done.

We ask for a contribution at a fraction of that cost for our entire teaching curriculum including ongoing aid, live support, continuously updated materials and content, helping take you from the absolute first step all the way to the last as you proceed in the comfort of your own home, at whatever pace you decide to take.

We’re happy to welcome you to our Drukama™ family, and we known that once you experience the authentic compassion and great connection this group has for one another, you’ll also call it ‘home’ as well.

On this blog, we will occasionally share articles about the spiritual path, announcements, news and events about Drukama™, that we hope you will enjoy and find tremendous value in.

Your Realization is our Path.


~ Daishi Nagiyah

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